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Website Promotion & Marketing

With hundreds of millions of people surfing the Internet each day, Web site promotion and marketing is a great way to grab visitors and grow your business.

One common misconception about the Internet is that if you built it, write it, or post it people will come. If only it were that simple. Thankfully, it is a well-established fact that people enjoy reading, sharing, and learning online, creating a huge marketing opportunity. But, with millions of Web sites to choose from, why will anyone choose your site let along find it?

Keystroke Marketing’s Web site promotion service can help. From our headquarters in Harrisburg, PA we have helped a variety of small and large clients achieve their Internet advertising goals through effective Web site promotion. Our team of Web site marketing experts draws upon popular Internet technologies such as search engines, blogs, contests, social networks, and online public relations to engage your target audience and turn them into customers. When properly developed and deployed, great Web site promotions can produce solid returns, increasing your site’s visitors, leads, and sales.

About Online Advertising Specialists

Our online advertising specialists are experienced with cutting-edge Web site marketing techniques including viral marketing. With viral marketing your company can drive results within the bounds of your budget. Unlike traditional ads, viral marketing uses the social elements of the Internet to capture your customers’ attention and to encourage them to build more marketing buzz. Viral marketing commonly uses forums, email, social networks, contests, and giveaways along with Web sites like YouTube to engage a target audience and distribute your Web site promotion.

Online Public Relations

Online public relations is another highly effective technique for marketing your Web site. Keystroke’s Web site promotion service can craft keyword rich press releases and distribute them through major Internet PR sites. For instance, if you company offers online marketing to the Harrisburg area, we can design a press release that highlights the phrases Web site promotion, York PA, Web site marketing, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This will not only distribute your news and message, but also increase the search engine ranking of your Web site through quality link and keyword insertions. Online PR can even be specifically targeted at the blogs and news sites that your customers are visiting. By working closely with popular online media outlets, Keystroke can provide Web site marketing through online reviews, write-ups, and news bulletins.

Our Web Site Promotion Services Include:

  • Web site analysis and competitor research
  • Online public relations through PR and news sites
  • Viral marketing using contests, forums, email, and social networks
  • Internet reviews, write-ups, and blog posts about products and services
  • Link building and keyword analysis
  • Effective campaign statistics and analysis showing real ROI
  • PPC advertising and SEO for Web site content

Keystroke Marketing prides itself on providing comprehensive, results producing Web site marketing services. Our staff of professionals can take any Web site and realize its Internet marketing potential. Stop wasting time and money on average Web site promotions. Choose Keystroke and start taking your business to the next level!

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